Greeting Card Packs

A selection of greeting card packs produced by our artists.

The Herdwick sheep card pack

A selection of 6 Herdwick sheep greeting cards with 5 designs. If you like Herdwick sheep you will love this, a mixture of realistic and vividly coloured Herdwick Sheep. Carl's cards are all based on his original pencil and ink drawings that he has spent hours bringing to life in his o..

The Ink collection card pack

A selection of 6 greeting cards from 6 of Carl’s original ink drawings.The collection includes ‘Glen’ the stag, ‘All Ears’ the hare, ‘Young master Todd’ The fox, ‘Tufts’ the squirrel, ‘Barney’ the Barn owl and the ‘Famous Five’ Herdwick sheep cropped from ‘The Magnificent Seven’. ..

The Owl collection card pack

A selection of 6  Owl greeting cards, from Carl’s original ink pastel and digital drawings.The collection comprises a realistic pastel drawing, a black and white ink drawing and 4 vividly coloured digital versions.The cards can also be easily mounted and framed as a great gift for..