Ben Bush
Ben is an award winning, published professional photographer based in the Northern Lake District, UK. Recently the winner of the Astro Photographer of the Year 2019 People & Space category, Ben’s work was shown across the world being featured in Forbes, the BBC, ITV News at 10, The Guardian, Times, Independent and many more. Even the European Southern Observatory in Chile gave him and the other entries a mention. All a source of great pride to Ben.Ben continues to run tuition sessions in and around his native Lake District and occasionally in Skye and further afield, while spending as much time as possible out taking photos alone with dogs in tow. His prints can be seen in many places throughout the Lake District and now are on display in the National Maritime Museum and in the Astro Photographer of the Year 2019 book. as well as in peoples houses worldwide as Ben often sells to America, Singapore and even as far as Australia.Ben works closely with various guest houses and hotels to provide tuition holidays and prints, and can also be found at many an art fair and artists market selling high quality astro and landscape prints or taking clients to beautiful places and teaching them some of his skills. Ben also undertakes works to provide photography for businesses and various publications and is published in many magazines and the odd climbing guide. Ben is also an advocate for ‘Dark Skies’ and has been on BBC radio on this subject while working with organisations like ‘Friends of the Lake District’ and ‘Cumbria Tourism’ to promote our Dark Sky status. Ben is also soon to be one of the photographers at the North Pennines Stargazing Festival 2019 where he will be presenting a talk and running tuition and workshops during this amazing event.Recently Ben had his first major solo exhibition at the amazing Gaddum Gallery at the Lake District Visitors Centre, Brockhole. This solo show was a full two-month exhibition titled ‘In The Still Of The Night’ and contained almost 40 large format limited edition prints of predominately night and Astro photography. A great success this exhibition lead to many articles about his work and further shows in the pipeline for the future. Ben’s work is still on-sale in the shop at Brockhole. A regular exhibitor at Rheged, Ben continues to push the boundaries of photography and his desire to create work a little different from the norm. Ben’s going to be attending many events over Xmas and will be doing a month long stint in London over December at the amazing ‘Christmas by the River’.

A Billion Stars over the Gap

This is probably one of the most famous and well photographed trees in the UK. It lies close to the town of Haltwhistle and grows from the base of Hadrian’s Wall. The wall snakes its way from West to East and was built by the Romans. Here you can see our sister Galaxy Andromeda in the sky to the left of the tree. Andromeda lies 2.537 million light years away and is our closest galactic neighb..

Ben Floyd and the Core

My award-winning image from Astro Photographer of the Year 2019. This single 10 second exposure shows me and one of my dogs, Floyd with Mars to the left and Saturn to the right. Also, on the right you can the Galactic Core of our Milky Way Galaxy, the gas cloud at the very centre where 26,000 light years away lies the Super Massive Black Hole Sagittarius A*. Either side of this you can see Libra, ..

Sycamore Gap Starswirl

The iconic Sycamore Gap late one January night. This is a stack of 140 separate photos taken one after the other and then laid on top of each other to show the rotation of the Earth over 45 minutes. At the centre of the swirl you can see Polaris, the North Star. This lies 433.8 light years away and is just to the side of celestial north. To the left you can see the constellations of Cassiopeia ..